Our Firm

We are a dynamic and innovative law firm created by lawyers with vast experience and recognized capabilities in their respective areas. In its ten years of history, the firm has specialized in commercial law, providing legal services of excellence to a wide range of companies with a great diversity of legal needs. We work both with Chilean companies with local and/or overseas requirements, and with international companies with interests in Chile.


We recognize that Festina Lente identifies the actual legal needs of clients and that their specific requirements must be met at reasonable cost and within reasonable time-frames. We believe that quality work requires close proximity to our clients to gain their special trust, as well as specific knowledge of their business area.

We therefore strive to work as closely as possible with our clients to provide excellent service without bureaucracy. We want our clients to feel privileged to have us as their lawyers.


The law firm was founded in 2009 as a globalized but boutique law firm seeking to innovate in the aspects of law practice that were perceived as deficient.

The firm began with one lawyer and two clients, and currently has more than 10 professionals and over 60 clients from more than 15 countries. It enjoys significant prestige within the Chilean legal market, particularly in the international corporate law and complex litigation.

Work Style

We are available to our clients 100% of the time, and we work with enthusiasm and dedication. We believe in having a limited number of good clients in order to provide a true  service of excellence. We rely heavily on avant-garde technological tools that allow us to effectively add value and lower costs for our clients.

We are absolute enemies of  bureaucracy and wasted time. We are engaged solely in the practice of law. We do not sell commodity legal services, nor do we compete on price. We get the job done quickly, with personalized, innovative and quality service.


Benito Baranda – Fundación América Solidaria

“Chirgwin Peñafiel Law Firm was fundamental in the design of the Internationalization strategy of America Solidaria, which today allows us to be with organizations in 8 countries, with a modern and effective corporate governance. It has been especially important the advanced management of international legal models, and the network of law offices that it has in other countries, and that have allowed us to act in coordination. I especially highlight the human quality and the speed in responding to the demands and urgencies that we have encountered along the way, in an area that for us was unknown. Thanks to your work, today we feel with a solid floor to continue growing.”

Ruy Ferreira – Michelin Chile

“Throughout these years, the Law Firm Chirgwin Peñafiel has been building strong relationships with Michelin and its dedication and expertise have allowed us to receive a high quality service in all the legal needs that our company has had in the development of its activities in Chile”

Andrés Ha Chun – S-Energy

“… What I appreciate the most is the consistency in the client oriented service they offer, this manifested in time and no matter which members/associates we worked with. There is also a full and authentic willingness to explain in detail and with very good attitude to all our inquiries, from the operational, passing throuth the technical until the opinions based on their pure experience. This is all the more valuable, in our situation whereby we requested tasks within very tight deadlines almosts always. On behalf of our entity, we consider ourselves satisfied with the dedication, final services offered to us and look forward to more collaborations in the future.”