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Andrés Chirgwin  |  Partner



Andrés has focused his practice on local and international commercial law, including corporate law, project financing, foreign investment, legal and business design and implementation, corporate group restructurings, Joint Venture negotiations and shareholder agreements, management of Due Diligence processes, and the negotiation and implementation of company purchases and sales.

He has provided advice to local and foreign companies of various types, structures, and sizes, and has also successfully litigated in civil, commercial and competition law. Andres has reported as an expert on Chilean contractual law before the London Arbitral International Court, is a regular contributor to the World Bank, and was the editor of the British Chamber of Commerce book Doing Business in Chile, the only detailed compendium of Chilean business law in English. He is director and representative in Chile of several foreign companies.

As the Managing Partner of Chirgwin Peñafiel, Andrés has been actively involved over the last few years in matters relating to the overlap between law and technology. His interest is both in relation to administration of law firms, through the implementation of new technological tools to improve productivity and quality of service, and in macro trends and their legal implications. He has participated as a panelist in events promoted by organizations including Fundación País Digital and large IT companies.


Studies and Experience