We are part of ASIPI – Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property

#Asipi | We congratulate our Director of the Intangible Asset Protection Area, Ignacio Álamos Domínguez, who, starting this month, is a member of the Data Protection Commission of ASIPI – Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property. The organization has distinguished itself by collaborating in the study, dissemination, development, and improvement of Intellectual Property Law and the […]

Opinion – White-Collar Crimes in Chile – La Segunda

#legalnews | Our director of the Banking, Financing, and Investment department, Juan Ignacio Santa María Oyanedel, was interviewed by Diario La Segunda regarding the economic crimes law based on the actions of the #CPC. Beyond his response in the article, Juan Ignacio adds: “While the economic crimes bill was widely approved in Congress, there are […]

CNN Magazine – The Rise of AI in Music – Ignacio Álamos

#Legalnews | We share with you the article from CNN Magazine about the rise of artificial intelligence in music, in which our Director of Intangible Assets Protection, Ignacio Álamos Domínguez, is interviewed. Recently, the record label Universal Music made headlines by requesting the prohibition of the use of artificial intelligence by the artists in their […]

Law of democratic memory: access to Spanish nationality – Global Mobility

Paying tribute to your ancestors, acquiring European nationality, transmitting it to your grandchildren and children, and having one of the most powerful passports in the world, are some of the benefits of being a Spanish citizen. From Chirgwin, we invite you to learn about the Law of Democratic Memory of Spain that has made it […]

Foreign investment rises 12% in 2022, reaching US$17.1 billion

#News | Despite the complex global economic situation, #Chile has made progress in several areas, but not enough. This week the Central Bank announced that between January and December 2022, the country received US$17.1 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI). According to InvestChile analysis, this is 12% higher than the total FDI for the same […]

Interview – Crisis of health insurance in Chile – Cesar Lannefranque

#LegalNews – We want to share the informative note of #RadioBiobio titled “Gobierno evalúa presentar en marzo proyecto de ley por crisis de las isapres”, in which our key contact of the Life Sciences area, César Lannefranque, commented on the role of the State regarding the right to health. “The fundamental issue in the debate […]