Macarena Bedregal

Senior Associate

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where she was a teaching assistant in Procedural Law for 2 years, working with Professor Fernando Román. Macarena has focused in her professional practice on the areas of ​​civil law and real estate, commercial corporate law, and tax law. She has worked in both in real estate and accounting companies, as well as various law firms. Between 2014-2015, she was Chief Lawyer of the legal division at the Navetierra Gestión Inmobiliaria real estate company.

Previously, between 2012–2014 she was Manager/Lawyer in the Tax & Legal area of ​​Deloitte Chile, responsible for corporate re-organization processes during tax planning, tax consultation resolutions, and ad-hoc contract management. Previously, at the company Alaluf Propiedades S.A., she was the legal division Chief Lawyer, focused on buying, selling and leasing properties in the industrial and commercial areas.

Studies and Experience

  • Lawyer, Pontifical Catholic University (2009).
  • Post degree in Real Estate Law, Universidad de los Andes (2012).
  • Construction Law course, Universidad de los Andes (2017).
  • Professional practice in the National Women’s Service of the Antofagasta Region, especially dedicated to the Family Law area, in addition to civil and labor matters of different kinds (2006-2007).
  • Responsible for causes in the law firm at CIP & Associates (2007 – 2009).
  • Lawyer in real estate, dedicated in particular to bank credit operations in sales between individuals at Cibergestión S.A. y Gestión Externa S.A. (2009 – 2011).
  • Chief of the legal division at Alaluf Propiedades S.A., dedicated to the operations of sale and leasing of properties of the commercial and industrial area (2011 –2012).
  • Manager/Lawyer at Tax & Legal, Deloitte Chile, in charge of corporate re-organization processes during tax planning, tax consultation resolution and ad-hoc contract management (2012 – 2014).
  • Chief Lawyer of the legal division at Navetierra Gestión Inmobiliaria (2014-2015).
  • Senior Lawyer in the real estate and corporate area at Recart y Cia law firm, actively participating in corporate reorganization and tax planning implementation (2015- February 2019).
  • Senior Associate Lawyer at Chirgwin (since July 2019).
Macarena Bedregal

Macarena Bedregal

Senior Associate
Spanish | English

Areas of Expertise



Our team of lawyers and tax consultants specializes in cross-border tax matters with a conservative approach, seeking to deliver the most reasonable and effective solution to the client, whether national...
Low Bono
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Project Development and Financing
Project development is a complex convergence of stakeholder interests, logistics and regulatory frameworks, within sophisticated, intertwined structures. Given the knowledge and experience of our team, we are able to develop,...
Corporate and Business
We specialize in providing agile and dynamic advice in all corporate law areas, which has involved us as major players in successful business projects. We provide a corporate service that...
Wealth Planning
The Wealth Management Area is focused on dealing with legal aspects of investment planning and wealth management issues inside and outside the country. It involves tax, inheritance, family, regulatory (investment) and philanthropic aspects, prioritizing a cross-border analysis of the different projects and customer needs. The professional services involved are multidisciplinary, bringing together specialty in various areas of law, such as, corporate, financial, real estate, tax and third sector.

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