Opinion Column – Inteligencia Artificial: no nos quedemos en la banca – by Ignacio Álamos for Mercurio Legal

We are pleased to share a new column from the Director of the Intangible Asset Protection Area, lawyer Ignacio Álamos, published in Mercurio Legal this week.

This time, Ignacio emphasizes the need for speed and professionalism in legislating on matters related to technology, especially Artificial Intelligence:

“The digital transformation with AI as the engine is not just an option but a necessity. Chile has the human capital and potential to excel in the development of invention patents and the creation of cutting-edge technological solutions; however, this vision can only materialize if our legislators act with the speed and professionalism that these matters require.”

You can read the full article in the attached document or, if you are a subscriber to Mercurio Legal, at the following link: https://www.elmercurio.com/Legal/Noticias/Opinion/2023/10/10/912894/inteligencia-artificial.aspx


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Ignacio Álamos

Ignacio Álamos

Senior Associate

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