Fintech Law challenges

#Legalnews | We share this note from about the regulatory challenges of the new Fintech Law. Our of counsel from the Banking, Financing, and Investments practice area, Juan Ignacio Santa María Oyanedel, commented on the benefits that this new legal framework will bring for the promotion of competition, the development of innovation, and the entry of more agents into this market.

Los desafíos regulatorios de la nueva Ley Fintech chilena

In addition, we also share the opinion column published in El Mercurio Legal.

Juan Ignacio comments on the benefits of the Fintech Law published a few weeks ago, which will allow the development of this market through operations “under duly regulated conditions and known to all participants, also allowing traditional financial companies to expand their lines of business ”.

Ley Fintech como regulación como motor de crecimiento

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Juan Ignacio Santa María

Juan Ignacio Santa María

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