Panama won the Great Battle about the Best Regional Investment Destination

#Webinar : The winner of the Great Regional Investment Fight is Panama! The Central American country beat Uruguay by only one point, in a split ruling and with a controversial referee decision!

Congratulations to Jaime Arias, managing partner of Mendoza, Arias, Valle & Castillo, who won the Lexwork LARG belt, and to Jonás Bergstein, managing partner of Bergstein Abogados, for his outstanding participation.

The first round of the meeting was about doing business, in which each opponent pointed out the benefits of their local policy regarding the promotion of foreign investment. We leave you an extract of the fight.

Stay tuned to our social media where we will soon publish videos on the other topics discussed at the event and if you want to see the full fight, you can contact our international associate and director of business development, Raquel Frattini.

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Raquel Frattini

International Associate
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