Chirgwin adds three new associates

Chirgwin: José Miguel Trivelli and Joaquín Hurtado join the firm in the M&A, Corporate and Business areas, along with Vicente Karmelic, the last one in the Litigation and Arbitration areas.


José Miguel Trivelli is a lawyer from the Universidad de Los Andes (2018) who graduated with a vote of distinction and mention in civil liability. He is a founder partner of the agricultural support company Agroval EIRL and the law office Seguel & Trivelli.

He joined the M&A, Corporate and Business areas, where, with his experience, he will contribute to the representation of national and international companies. “I have always been interested in the challenges of international corporate law, and I believe that in Chirgwin, I will be able to apply and increase my knowledge to benefit our clients and their business”.

Joaquín Hurtado is a lawyer who graduated from the Universidad Católica de Chile (2020), was head of logistics and finance of the “Arde Puente Alto” Public Charity Foundation and associate at LegalGAP law firm.

He also joined the Corporate and Business practice area, focusing on his corporate, labor, and tax law expertise. “I hope to help our clients achieve successful business while growing in my career”.

Vicente Karmelic is a lawyer from the Universidad Católica de Chile (2019), has a specialization in corporate law from Universidad de Los Andes (2021) and participated in an academic exchange program at Amsterdam University College (2017 – 2018). He was an intern at the law office Fontaine & Cía Abogados and worked as a lawyer at the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS).

He joined the Litigation and Arbitration practice area, led by the partner Hernán Peñafiel, where he will contribute with his experience in resolving complex disputes. “I was attracted by the wide network that Chirgwin has in the international areas of litigation and arbitration as a motivation for this new professional challenge”.

Andres Chirgwin, the Managing Partner of the law firm, considers incorporating these new associates as part of an important renewal of people and ideas among young lawyers. “This is a particularly talented generation of young lawyers joining our firm. This will allow us to keep up with the growing amount of work and transactions and be at the forefront of the legal market”.

Raquel Frattini, Director of Business Development, congratulated the new associates and highlighted that: “our growth as a law firm is enhanced with the addition of three new junior lawyers, who will contribute to the development of the practice areas in which they joined”.

Since March, the new members have been working in their respective practice areas and were celebrated with a welcome cocktail for their quick adaptation.

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About Chirgwin

Chirgwin is a dynamic and innovative law firm specializing in multinational companies’ attention to receive foreign investments to Chile and forward Chilean investments abroad. It operates regularly in Chile and other Latin American countries, considering its active participation in international networks like Andersen Global and Lexwork International, among others.

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