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Raquel Frattini  |  International Associate



Raquel is a Brazilian lawyer, and graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas – São Paulo in 2003. She specialized in civil procedural law at the Salesian University – UNISAL. In August 2006 she took the position of Associate Attorney at the D. Marin Sociedade de Advogados Law Firm, acting initially in the civil law field, with an emphasis on credit recovery and insolvency law. She became a partner of the firm two years later.

Based in Chile since the end of 2013, with her professional title validated before the Supreme Court in 2016, she works at Chirgwin Law Firm supporting Brazilian clients with businesses in Chile and Chilean clients with businesses in Brazil.

She has specialized in legal marketing and consultative sales, providing training to legal professionals. She is the Director of Competencia Gerencial regarding the Brazil / Chile chapter and is also the coordinator of the legal committee of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, Santiago nucleus.


Studies and Experience