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Juan Luis Nuñez  |  Of Counsel



Juan Luis’s professional experience has been linked to telecommunications, technology, free competition, and the regulatory field, and he made a notable contribution to several litigation processes that introduced important modifications to these markets in Chile.

Following a period of time in the USA, where he worked in the same fields, he returned to Chile 2010. He was appointed Head of the Cabinet of the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and later, Head of Division of the Telecommunications Development Fund, of the same Undersecretariat. From July 2012 until February 2019, he was the General Manager of Fundación País Digital, a position in which he collaborated in the development of digital public policies, the discussion of Chile’s digital agenda, and the creation of knowledge and content for the Foundation’s Center for Digital Studies.

He currently holds the position of Executive Director of the Center for Future Studies at the University of Santiago de Chile and is the representative for Chile and Conosur of the international consulting firm Telecommunication Management Group (TMG).


Studies and Experience