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Hernán Peñafiel contributed to the IdealexPress article on the uncertainty of the scheduling of pleadings in Chilean courts. “It is a simple and clear concept: wait in a sort of queue for the time to “see” your case or, otherwise, run the risk of losing your turn to make the arguments” (Felipe Riffo).

One of the points advocated by lawyers is to keep the arguments remote, however, for our partner, despite these advantages, Hernán Peñafiel, partner at Chirgwin, warns that this decision also depends on the technical quality of the room, as there are some that do not have good audio quality in the online format, which has led judges to request face-to-face hearings.

“A lot of time is wasted waiting for a face-to-face pleading and it can occasionally happen that the case is not heard for these reasons, so I think the option for the parties to opt for the face-to-face or virtual modality should be allowed and maintained, as long as there are no online listening problems in the courtroom,” he adds.

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Hernán Peñafiel

Hernán Peñafiel


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