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In January 2022, the Free Trade Agreement between Brazil and Chile for non-tariff matters entered into force. We had the pleasure of carrying out in conjunction with the Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo, – Fecomercio, an organization that brings together business leaders, specialists and consultants to promote the development of entrepreneurship. , develops research and provides practical content on issues that impact the lives of entrepreneurs, a #workshop on the main points of the agreement.

The meeting, held in a hybrid manner at Fecomercio and via Zoom, was attended by the Consul General of Chile in São Paulo, Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, and the Deputy Consul, Mr. Cristián Piña, and began with the participation of Gianni Casanova, an expert on the Chilean political-economic situation, who, having lived in Brazil for many years, was able to bring to the attendees the current situation in Chile and a vision of the near future, considering the uncertainty caused by the current constitutional convention.

Raquel Frattini, the international associate at Chirgwin, went on to recount the important points of the new agreement, without first introducing “How to do Business in Chile,” so common in her presentations to Brazilian businessmen interested in the Chilean market.

The important points presented were related to:

1. Sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

2. Cross-border trade in services.

3. Investment in financial institutions.

4. E-commerce.

5. Public procurement.

6. International Roaming.

For more information about the benefits of the agreement in practice, contact our Brazilian Desk department, directly with Débora Brasil ( and follow our social networks.

Here are some photos of the workshop in São Paulo:

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Raquel Frattini

Raquel Frattini

International Associate

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