Chirgwin`s new webpage

We invite you to visit our new website, which can be accessed through the domain In the following video, you can see guidance on navigation on our site.

In the new format, you will be able to meet the firm’s team of lawyers and their specializations, as well as fun facts about them. Each member’s profile contains information on their work experience, education, and area of ​​practice. You can also check their LinkedIn page and send a message to their email.

If you need a legal consultation at the moment, the new design has the option for you to speak with “Jiro”bot, the first legal chatbot in Chile, which will answer any questions you have.

Another novelty is a remodeled news section where you can find out about the latest news from the law firm in terms of events, staff incorporations, and the presence of team members in the press.

The site also has versions in Portuguese and English for the convenience of foreign clients and has a direct link to the presentation of Chirgwin Business Center (CBC) located in the South Tower of the World Trade Center in Santiago.

We will wait for your visit!

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