Incorporation of a new lawyer to the Brazilian Desk is news in the specialized media

The Brazilian lawyer is the new addition to the Brazilian Desk of the Chirgwin firm, specialized in receiving foreign investments in Chile and directing Chilean investments abroad.

Débora Palmeiro Brasil is a lawyer from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and has a specialty in public law from the Fundação Escola Superior do Ministério Público. She has worked on civil and family law cases at Camejo & Brasil Advocacia, as well as corporate issues with companies in the region.

Andres Chirgwin, the managing partner of the Firm, recalls that since its inception the firm always had a lawyer from Brazil dedicated to personalized attention to companies from that country with business in Chile. He pointed out that “Debora’s arrival will help further enhance our traditional special relationship with Brazil”.

Raquel Frattini, a Brazilian lawyer who began 2014 at the Firm as head of the Brazilian Desk, today Director of Business Development, stressed that “the work that Débora has done in the Brazilian legal world made her an ideal candidate to assist clients of our firm, achieving with this incorporation to enhance the work that Chirgwin carries out with companies in Brazil and also with multinationals that have their regional headquarters there, in addition to being able to expand their direct attention to Chilean companies interested in expanding their business to Brazil”.

Highlighting the importance of joining a firm like Chirgwin, Débora comments that: “it is a great challenge to practice the profession in another country, therefore, being able to work in a Firm with great experience and varied clients from my place of training is a great opportunity. ”.

In addition, he highlights the technological capabilities of the firm, mentioning that “one thing that surprised me was the tools that are being used in Chirgwin to keep all the lawyers, interns and solicitors in contact in a single system, facilitating work by achieving with this a fluid internal communication”.

Chirgwin is a business law firm specializing in receiving foreign investments in Chile and directing Chilean investments abroad. The Firm usually handles cross-border processes that involve various jurisdictions in Latin America, considering its active participation in networks such as Lexwork International and Andersen Global, among others.

The news of Débora’s arrival at the office was published on several websites specializing in legal information such as:

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