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Lexwork International, an association of independent law firms ranked in Band 1 of the global law firm networks by Chambers and Partners, announced Chilean lawyer Andrés Chirgwin as its president of its Lexwork Americas division for the next twelve months.

The professional is a managing partner of the firm Chirgwin, which has specialized in business law and is recognized for providing legal services to national companies, inside and outside of Chile, as well as international companies that require commercial advice to develop in their respective industries.

Lexwork Americas brings together law firms from North, Central and South America; is comprised of attorneys with extensive experience in transactional and commercial litigation, serving clients doing business globally. For its part, Lexwork International is an association of quality independent firms —they do not belong to multinational studios—, which may be located in America, Europe or Asia and have their offices in major cities.

Andrés Chirgwin (48) is the managing partner of the firm —specialized in transnational business law—, and has a long academic and professional career; He is a lawyer from the Catholic University of Chile, Master in International Business Law from the University of Durham, United Kingdom, and has several decades of experience in transnational corporate matters.

He is also a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Bar Association (IBA), was founder and president of the Legal Committee of the Chilean-British Chamber of Commerce of Chile and director of said chamber, among other boards, positions and associations. He is now the one who will take on the challenge of running the presidency of Lexwork Americas.

“As the managing partner of a Chilean law firm, the challenge of co-leading Lexwork International, one of the most important networks of law firms in the world, is certainly very interesting. I look forward to continuing the great work of my predecessors and making the adjustments required by changes in the global legal industry, taking advantage of new technological tools and hybrid working formats. I look forward to a year of efficient, coordinated and dynamic work with my peer and friend Derek McCullock of Lexwork Europe and Asia”, emphasizes Chirgwin.

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Andrés Chirgwin

Andrés Chirgwin


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