Tax Exit. A light at the end of the tunnel? (II)

We share with you the #opinion column of Macarena Bedregal, Director of the Estate Planning Area of #Chirgwin, published in #MercurioLegal. (Here the full versión en Spanish – Salida tributaria del país_ ¿una luz al final del túnel_ (II))

This is the continuation of the article published at the end of 2021, in which, in addition to legal definitions on the fiscal exit, Macarena provided previous information of interest, which, after the result of the elections, is being confirmed more and more to each day. (See the previous article in Spanish here: Salida tributaria del país_ una carrera de obstáculos)

We wish you a good reading and remember that our #WealthPlanning area is available to answer any queries related to #SalidaDeCapitales.

#Corporate #WealthPlanning #EleccionesChile

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