Mercurio Legal – Tax exit from the country: an obstacle course – Opinion Article – Estate Planning

El Mercurio Legal, a specialized media outlet in Chile, published on Monday, October 25, an opinion article written by the Director of the Firm’s Wealth Planning practice area, Macarena Bedregal.

The main focus of the article is to clarify what are the steps for people who are interested in changing their residence to another country, as this is a key measure to prepare the fiscal exit.

You can read the entire Spanish version pf the article here Salida tributaria del país_ una carrera de obstáculos or by visiting the Mercurio Legal page.

Our Wealth Planning practice area is available to support the outflow of capital from the country, with alliances with investment companies that have solid experience, such as Vector Global, with which we participate as panelists of the BP Talk, an event held by Board Partners. To access the talk on Patrimonial Safeguarding and Capital Outflow in Chile Today, contact us and we will send you the link of the recording.

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Wealth Planning
The Wealth Management Area is focused on dealing with legal aspects of investment planning and wealth management issues inside and outside the country. It involves tax, inheritance, family, regulatory (investment) and philanthropic aspects, prioritizing a cross-border analysis of the different projects and customer needs. The professional services involved are multidisciplinary, bringing together specialty in various areas of law, such as, corporate, financial, real estate, tax and third sector.


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